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ReasonSpark is a tight knit team with a pretty colossal skill set. We’re a group of designers, developers, project managers, writers, and artists with a knack for coming up with straightforward solutions to complex issues. We like to act as a seamless extension of your team. Even if you may not know exactly what it is you need to boost your company to the next level, our business is finding a beautiful and functional solution so you can focus on what really matters. We are constantly evolving and keeping current with the latest in web technology and online education experiences.

Who makes the websites and videos? Great question. Lindsay Williams is the Creative Director and she directs most of the videos. Mike Zarandona is the Technical Director and writes most of the code. But they also work with a handful of supremely talented coders, filmmakers, and crew who facilitate the projects as well, while they creatively oversee the process and makes sure everything is up to a certain standard. By operating as a creative studio, we’re able to work with a larger number of clients doing neat things because there are a lot of you out there and we love to work with you.

We do our best work over coffee, and would love to have one with you while we discuss your next project. On us!

About Price

First, we talk. Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us what you’re working on. No need for a lot of detail - just some words about your thing, what it is, how it’s different than everything before it, and how you see us helping. We love email and we’ll get back to you quicker than you’d expect.

Next, we’ll find out more. We want to know why you’re excited about what you’re doing and why you think other people will be, too. We’ll set aside some time to talk and we’ll get a sense of what’s great about your business or product. We’ll research and learn as much as we can about your business, market, and customers to create a tailored solution.

So we’ve talked, and we like each other and we like the idea of potentially working together. What happens next is we’ll spend some time designing and writing up what we like to call a concept. This usually takes the form of either wireframes for websites or text documents for videos - where we describe to you how we see the finished product. What’s the concept, why we know it’s the best idea, and what resources we will need to achieve it. Sometimes, it makes most sense that we get some money for this part, which is called the “creative engagement.” When we move forward to the project phase, that money gets absorbed into the rest of the cost because we’re nice people.

Speaking of time, how long does a project take? This is the second-most common question - so common that we’ve come up with a standard answer: on average a website, video, and other projects will take approximately 8-12 weeks from inception of the idea to final delivery. Of course, this number can vary, and if you’re in a super rush and your product is incredible and you’re launching it in 6 weeks and you have a lot of money, then we can probably talk. But the age-old equation of fast/cheap/good applies. So give us some time to make it right.

Speaking of money, how much does a video cost?

One million dollars

Not really one million dollars. But that’s as absurd an answer as any we could give without knowing a whole lot more about your project. The price of a project depends on a few things, like the nature of the creative concept and the resources available to you. Look, it costs real money to make these things well. Maybe more than you think. Did you know that our typical crew size is 3-8 people who are all aces in their chosen professions? A lot of people, right? If we’re talking about the pure market value of what we make, our work can typically “cost” $100K or more, but the costs can be structured in a way that our clients aren’t simply handing over bags of cash. There are other ways, you know. Read on.

Our clients fall into three categories:

  1. Small, bootstrapped startups These are nearest to our hearts because this is where we came from, but we honestly don’t take many of these clients anymore. We love that they embody the spirit of risk-taking that makes good things happen, and in that spirit, when we work with these clients, we’ll structure payment as part cash and part equity and/or revenue share based on sales. This can be great for clients without a lot of capital, and it can be great for us if the investment pays off. If we love what you’re working on, if we know that it’s one-of-a-kind and it’ll captivate the world, and we like who’s behind it, we’ll work with you as an investment, in exchange for your trust in our taste, a little bit of cash, and a nice amount of upside. These projects cost one dollar sign. $

  2. Medium-size businesses These make up the bulk of our clients. They’ve got the ball rolling, have some customers, and they think (know) that their product or service is going to be a lot bigger than it is now, and they’re happy to put some money into the video or website to get it right. These projects cost two dollar signs. $$

  3. Big corporations Sometimes for web, sometimes even for TV! They can be fun because there are resources to do things correctly - to make things look amazing, without squeezing the rates of the many talented people who work with us, and because big companies have been known to innovate just as well as smaller, more agile ones. Some of our favorite clients have been enormous brands that respect the creative and know what it takes to make great things and have giant bags of money. These projects cost three dollar signs. $$$

What do you get for your dollars? Good question. We basically act as a creative agency and a production facility in one, so we almost always write/design the videos/sites we make. We love that we can be a part of the whole process from beginning to end. We shape the concept and put all the finishing touches on. When we quote you an amount of money for the work, that amount is all-inclusive. Generally, we like a deposit to get going, so we’re not out-of-pocket for the shoot. Then we collect some when we’re in beta/right before launch, and then the rest when we deliver. Standard stuff.

When we make a video, design work, or other materials for you, the assets we create belong to you, and are yours to use as you see fit, although we should agree in advance on where your content is intended to be seen. That is to say, if you plan to buy air time and broadcast a video on TV as a commercial and expect an influx of visitors, we should know this at the beginning so we can get the hosting right.

Why do our projects cost more money than you were expecting (or less, or exactly the same as)? Interesting question. It’s easy to assume that making good websites + videos is easier than it looks. But in fact, it takes a great deal of skill, taste, and labor to do things well. So you can rest assured that not only do we tend to achieve production values comparable to top brands in their fields, the right amount of your money will end up on the big screen, small screen, or a ton of small screens, where it’s supposed to be. We operate like a lean startup, and that spirit pervades our work.

Last thing you should know is that you can be as large or as small a part of the process as you like. Some clients enjoy brainstorming creative ideas and others want no part of that. Some clients nitpick the kerning of every piece of text, and others would rather leave it to us. We’re here to work with you.

Most importantly, we’re here to work with great people doing great things. When we get to do that, all goes well.






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