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Training needs to be a painless process for the student as well as the teacher. We excel at utilizing the very latest in technology to turn your training concept into a fast and effective education solution. Maybe you have been wishing for an online knowledge library to deliver immediate information to your team, or maybe your training process needs to be transformed into a stunning series of high definition videos and webinars. Even if your current training process is sub-par or nonexistent - we are here to help.

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Digital Education Concepts

A stunning place to organize and consolidate all of your job training knowledge online that can be easily accessed by existing and future employees. The least enjoyable part of adding a new hire to your team is effectively getting them up to speed. With an online education library, there's always a digital manager to hold their hand and provide guidance during the first few weeks of onboarding as well as a 24/7 go - to resource for internal questions beyond being a new hire. An incorporated testing center that parallels your online knowledge base allows for supervisors to know that not only are employees receiving the important information they need, but are effectively learning the tools necessary to exceed at their careers.

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Not every person takes in information the same way in order to effectively retain it. Some like videos and interactive games, others grasp concepts best when they can feel the information through the pages in their hands - and that is OK by us. The art of laying out processes is meticulous and methodical and it's an area where ReasonSpark excels. Turning immense amounts of material into easy to chew pieces is sort of our thing. We are writers who know how to speak the language of "technical" and reshape it into beautiful everyday vernacular.

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Process Optimization

There are many ways to get from A to B - and we like to take the most direct route. We can provide fresh eyes and ideas to revamp existing company processes or come up with process solutions where none exist. If there is something holding up productivity for your team we provide a more adequate way to get everyone on the same page - and then document it, create a media concept for it, or create coursework in order to make sure "simple and effective" becomes a way of life. When communication and continuity come together, increased productivity naturally occurs.

CMS Training: Showing the Emergency Alert

Featured Project web project was capped off with a how-to education online video series neatly embedded to be accessed within their own customized CMS - making it easy for any new hires to get up to speed quickly. The video series also acted as a 24/7 resource for guidance during tasks that are not used very often, such as emergency school and salon closing alerts.

We are passionate about education through technology. Reduce churn, increase employee satisfaction, and boost profitability.

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