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Millennium is a powerful POS system with tons of features to be explored, and many more that can be developed when ReasonSpark collaborates with your team. We make up for what default software training lacks – a personal advanced education system tailored exactly to your team's learning styles and molded to your specific business model. We are in the know because we have former Millennium SI Senior Technical Support Technicians and Senior Education Specialists on staff that have been in the trenches supporting and educating thousands of Millennium locations and are waiting to share their expert knowledge and a more intimate training experience with you.

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Custom Reporting + Dashboards

Harness the power of data without having to run a million different reports in order to collect the key information needed for your next meeting or payroll. Utilizing the Software Development Kit, we can customize your data into personal reports that include only the metrics your management and team needs. If static reporting is just not your style, cultivate a data driven environment by transferring your Millennium data into Online Dashboards that can combine multiple data resources and bring your mission critical information together in one control panel - eliminating the time consuming process of hunting for numbers.

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Database Cleanup

There are lots of reasons to have a messy database - from high staff turnover with slow software training, to conversions that left behind duplicate data and records, to lazy input that left a lot of garbage on your hands. ReasonSpark can analyze your data and let you know where those oddities on reports are stemming from, and can execute a strategy to turn garbage data into beautiful information that positively contributes to your business. Success begins when trust in data is restored and the actual big picture for the future can be painted.

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Personalized Education Experience

Sometimes there is a rock star team in need of some expert tips and tricks, and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to make sure new hires are up to speed with Millennium education quickly. Whatever the education demands are, we can help. ReasonSpark offers the basics like the Art of Appointment Booking and Register to management level classes that cover advanced material such as Employee Theft, Marketing, and Advanced Analytics. Tell us your concerns and we can create an education experience in whatever style your staff retains information best, whether it be live onsite training or an Online Education Portal for your team to use over and over again.

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Ongoing Support

After the initial education is complete, we further continue training with ongoing ticketing support which eliminates wasting valuable time on hold over the phone and allows for quick access to professionals who keep up to date with your company's individual concerns and goals. Keeping an expert on the team as a personal resource ensures issues that need to be answered quickly are not rolled into bigger problems when left alone.

Millennium is a powerful salon and spa POS system with tons of features to be explored - and many more that can be developed.

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