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ReasonSpark understands what search engines crave and can create a custom strategy for your project: with a strong focus on great content, site authority, performance and an effortless user experience. Gone are the days of obsessively trying to stuff in keywords or getting away with high bounce rates due to poor design and functionality. Search engines have wised up and now give the top ranking to sites that have beautiful relevant content structure and provide the user with a simple straight forward experience – whether on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

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We take a look at the current state of your search engine optimization efforts if any, and come up with a plan to boost viewership and decrease bounce rates specific to your business model. We are extremely comfortable with SEO instruments such as Google's Webmaster Tools and can break down exactly how your site is being seen by and speaking to search engines. From here, we can come up with blueprint strategy to ensure your site is whispering sweet "everythings" into Google's ear.

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Content Strategy

ReasonSpark knows the main objective of web content – to funnel visitors directly to your goal – whether that goal is converting visitors to leads, or making the visitor feel invited and comfortable enough to purchase products and services. Content is king when it comes to getting the attention of search engines, but content is not only limited to the words you use on your site, it also includes the images and multimedia – everything must come together cohesively in order to effectively relay your story. We make sure your content focuses on the user's specific needs through market research, user research, and analyzing web metrics. We help you hone in on content that is useful and we eliminate the fluff.

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Custom SEO Dashboards + Reports

You no longer have to have a PhD in Nerd in order to effectively read SEO reports. ReasonSpark recognizes that not everyone wants to dig through heaps of numbers to decipher what it all means. In the beginning, we will train you on how to read the main aspects of SEO reports, and then provide the elements that matter most in a custom performance dashboard designed with your specific goals in mind. Seeing your site's key achievements at a glance instead of hunting around a report with tons of data saves time and keeps you in control.

ReasonSpark understands what search engines crave and can feed them a custom strategy for your project — with a strong focus on great content, site authority, performance, and an effortless user experience.

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